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Doug and Greg as Tikes
Doug and Greg as Tikes
About Donohoe Digital
Donohoe Digital is the 'DD' behind DD Poker. We are comprised of Doug Donohoe, the founder and Greg King, a friend of Doug's since kindergarten. For more information, visit our company web site.
About Our Logo
The DD Poker logo was created by the creative folks at Fast Forward Design. They have over two decades of experience and are very passionate about their work. We highly recommend them.
Fast Forward Design Logo
About DD Poker 3
Donohoe Digital released DD Poker 1 in June 2004. It was one of the very first poker software products on the market and was pretty popular. DD Poker 2 arrived in Fall 2005 with major new features such as online play and a sophisticated odds calculator. Improvements were made consistently over a dozen point releases culminating with the release of DD Poker 2.5 in Summer 2006. A major upgrade to the Online Game Portal was released in Spring 2008. Now, the team is at it again with the release of DD Poker 3 as a Free product (more trouble for the so-called "competition").

Practice playing limit, pot limit and no limit texas hold'em against computer opponents that are modeled after real types of playing styles such as Fish, Rock, Weak-Tight and Solid. Customize your own player types and specify the mix of players in each tournament.

Choose from 15 pre-defined tournament formats like the World Championship or design your own, specifying antes, blinds, buy-in, rebuys, add-ons, and prizes.

DD Poker offers the best way to play poker with friends and family on your local area network (LAN) or over the Internet. Using a peer-2-peer architecture, DD Poker does not depend on a central server. Because you can play on the LAN behind a firewall, it is ideal for playing at work (on your lunch break, of course). DD Poker is like having your very own online poker, without the rake!

DD Poker tracks every hand of poker you play, whether online or during practice. Use the DD Poker statistics to identify the hands you play well or poorly.

Use the Calculator Tool to calculate showdown odds, evaluate the strength of your hand, determine your outs and figure out where you stand compared to your opponents.

Run a tournament during your weekly poker night! Define the tournament structure including buys-ins, rebuy, add-ons and prizes. The built-in poker clock is just like those used in major tournaments. The clock is helpful because it lets you know when it is time to raise the blinds or end re-buys.

DD Poker provides extensive in-game help which explains the features of the game in addition to providing tips on hosting your own poker tournament, poker etiquette and more!

Follow the links at the top of the page for more details on each of these features or check out the FAQs and screenshots. Better yet, download the game - it's Free!